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Why Install External Wall Insulation?

There are so many reasons why external wall insulation could be great for your home. It’s such an impressively and effective way of insulating your home as it can improve your home in so many ways. Here are a few of the reasons why it might be ideal for you:

• Reduced energy use and therefore reduced heating bills (see ‘How much can I save’ section below)BEFORE-AND-AFTER external wall insulation
• Losing less heat through your walls so your home is warmer for longer and the room temperature stays more consistent
• Improved energy-efficiency in your home
• Reduced condensation
• A quieter home with less unwanted noise from outside
• Your home will be mould and damp-free
• You’ll be helping the Environment by burning less fossil fuels
• A potentially increased property value
• And finally, a beautiful new look and a home that you can be proud of.

How does External Wall Insulation work?

Before 1920 homes were built with a solid outside wall, which notoriously lets out lots of heat. This makes keeping your home warm inefficient and expensive. Installing external wall insulation fixes this problem as it insulates the wall so heat cannot escape as easy.
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Is My Home Suitable for External Wall Insulation?

To be suitable for external wall insulation your home must:

• Be constructed of solid brick, stone or concrete
• Have walls that are structurally sound
• Not be a listed building or in a conservation area/world heritage site
• Have good access to the outer walls
• Not lead directly onto a pavement
• Not have cavity walls that have already been filled or can be filled.

Not sure if your property is suitable? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist. Pre-register your interest even if you are not sure whether your property is suitable.

How much can I save if I install External Wall Insulation?

The Energy Saving Trust states that by installing external wall insulation you can save up to £460 a year on your energy bills if you live in a detached bungalow. Don’t miss out! Pre-register your interest in less than 30 seconds using the form on the right.

How much does it cost?

External wall insulation is all about making your home warmer and more comfortable. Your house will be quieter, less noisy and more energy efficient – let us bring comfort to your home.

Why Choose Pioneer Insulation?

Here at Pioneer Insulation we believe in quality and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to become your trusted local supplier of building insulation so you can enjoy a warmer, more energy efficient home. This is why each of our projects are subject to quality control by the BBA. We work with a good range of suppliers so we know where to find the best solution for your home and at the most competitive price. We never subcontract our work so we can guarantee quality services every time. But don’t just take our word for it. Read our testimonials to see what our customers have to say about our services.

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