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Pioneer named best insulation installer in Greater London

We are pleased to announce that Pioneer Wall Cladding & Building Insulation Ltd. has been named Best Insulation & Fabric Installer/Contractor 2019 in the Energy Efficiency Awards, which were sponsored by EDF.

Pioneer were also finalists in three other categories: 2019 Regional Small Scale Project of the Year, 2019 Regional Energy Efficiency Champion of the Year and 2019 Regional Boiler & Heating Installer or Contractor of the Year.

Andrei Tartza, the company’s founder, says: “We have worked hard to provide an excellent service and is it nice to have that recognised. We will continue to innovate and ensure that our customers get the best quality and workmanship possible.”





Up to £5,000 for UK homeowners towards insulation

The Government has announced that UK homeowners can apply for a grant of up to £5,000 (£10,000 if you are on a low income) to make their property more energy efficient this winter. This is in a bid to halt climate change, whilst creating thousands of jobs.
Full details of the scheme are yet to be released, but we anticipate that external wall insulation, loft insulation and eco-friendly boilers will be included.
The grants will be available from September and we urge you to take time to do some research before then. Don’t fall prey to cowboy installers who want to take advantage of the scheme. Get your quote in good time from companies like us, who are industry accredited and have won numerous awards.
We will be joining the scheme and would be happy to chat to you about how it could benefit your home. Call us now for more information: 01932 221 209.

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Why insulate my property?

Insulating your property is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills while making your home warmer and more comfortable.  You will also reduce your carbon footprint. External wall insulation will also uplift the appearance of your property and make it look as new.

What does external wall insulation do?

House insulation protects your home from the outside and the inside making sure your house is warm in the winter and cooler inside in the summer.  Say goodbye to the mould and damp.

How much can I save by insulating my home?

There are many factors which affect the answer to this question, such as what type of insulation you choose and the type of property you own. People living in a detached house can save up to £460 per year after they had external wall
insulation installed. Saving as a results of loft insulation can be up to £250 a
year for a detached house.

Does your home suffer from damp?

Want to get rid of mould and damp for good?

Listen to Sarah and Paul to discover how we helped them tackle damp 

Did you know there are three types of damp?


Condensation is the biggest source of damp. Insulating your walls from the outside will cut condensation significantly.

Penetrating damp

Penetrating damp is the second most common source of damp. External wall insulation is effective at combating penetrating damp because it provides three levels of protection: (i) water repellent coat; (ii) a crack-free render; (iii) ultimate water barrier.

Rising damp                                                                                     

Rising damp can cause mould in the lower part of your walls. External wall
insulation can be fitted so as to stop water soaking at the base of the building
and rising through the fabric.

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