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Damp Proofing Surrey and South West London

Are you looking for an effective damp proofing solution for your home?

Is your home suffering from damp, condensation or mould?

We specialise in tackling rising damp and penetrating damp.


Tackling rising damp

As a company which delivers the highest quality of services, we use a range of products which are specifically designed to tackle rising damp. Rising damp can cause mould in the lower part of your walls. Rising damp can create damp patches on your walls and even crumbling plaster on the interior walls.

The solution

Pioneer Insulation uses a high quality damp proofing system to ensure that the work done on your property not only solves your rising damp problems but it also gives your home a fresh new look.

The Dryzone Damp Proofing system

The Dryzone Damp Proofing system tackles rising damp in two steps – firstly, it stops the damp and then it allows us to re-plaster the walls in a way which protects the walls from future rising damp issues and it looks fantastic.


Tackling penetrating damp

Penetrating damp occurs when water penetrates through the exterior surface of a wall. It is often not noticed until the moisture shows up on interior surfaces in the form of damp patches.

The solution

Pioneer Insulation uses a high quality damp proofing system called StormDry which is specifically designed to tackle penetrating damp. Its innovative concept allows us to deliver a penetrating damp solution which will ensure that your home is dry and more energy efficient.

The StormDry Penetrating Damp Solution

The StrormDry Penetrating Damp System delivers all the great benefits to our customers:
1. Stops penetrating damp
2. BBA approved for 25 years
3. Retains the original appearance of the wall
4. Up to 29% energy bill savings
5. Single coat application
6. Retains wall breathability

Watch how StrormDry works – just like magic!


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