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Are you looking for ways to keep your external wall insulation look as new for as long as possible?

We do care about our customers and providing you with long-term customer care comes top on our priority list. Our yearly maintenance surveys are designed to help ensure the longevity of your external wall insulation system.

These professional in-depth surveys will cover:

1) Checking the sealing points to ensure the system remains sealed and does what it is meant to do, keep your home warm for winter.

2) Assessing the general state of the system. This includes assessing the interface with rain water goods such as gutters and downpipes. The assessment also covers the interface with any other items or relevant goods that come into contact with the insulation system.

3) Making recommendations on how to better look after your external wall insulation system in a manner that prolongs its life and preserves the fresh look acquired by your property.

What is included?

A typical survey will include a team of one or two men who may spend up to two hours completing the assessment and taking remedial action on technical matters, such as adding silicone at joint points.

What is not included? 

Damage to the system may have occurred through accidental mechanical impacts throughout the year. New fittings could have been added to the external walls in a manner that may put the integrity of the system at risk. The team would make recommendations to address such items where present.

The team may also make recommendations of a cosmetic nature, such as removing any persistent dirt or stains that may have occurred and were not cleaned off in a timely manner.

Get your discount today

Our customers always receive the best value. Because we know your system was installed correctly you only pay half what we usually charge for such maintenance services. The standard price is £250 per visit for the year 2015. The discounted rate is £125 per annum. Our customers will always qualify for the discounted rate.

We want your property to be perfect all year long so that others can see why we are a top quality installer. Our customers receive a minimum of one visit per year, with more visits potentially scheduled whenever we work in your area.

FREE jet wash when you set up a standing order

You get your facade jet washed for FREE if you set up a standing order for our Maintenance Services. This covers the portion of your facade that is likely to accumulate most dirt and can be easily accessed without the need for scaffold (typically up to two meters in height from the ground).

Make sure your house stands out on your street and it looks just as new. We never subcontract our services and you can have the peace of mind that your investment in external wall insulation is looked after by the same trusted professionals who installed it.

Contact us today to discuss how we can make your insulation system last longer and look better, making your home the one home that everyone admires on your street.

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